20 DIY Ideas To Brilliantly Reuse Old Picture Frames Into Home Decor. Very Creative!

We all love clicking pictures and I am sure you must have at least one picture frame in your home. Perhaps you have a vintage old frame left by grandma.
What to do with all those picture frames that sit in our closet because you never get time for your photo print? Well, I would suggest to repurpose them into a unique piece of art!

This idea of ​​Recycled Crafts DIY so brilliant, they can be reused in many ways.
You will be glad to know there are a million and one projects out there for the pleasure of your repurposing. From an old picture frame, you can create a shabby chic serving tray or a jewelry hanger.

Also, you can put a family photo in an antique frame or wall art that you will make it your own. Paint your vintage frames in any color you want.
It will look nice if you put a picture frame on the ceiling or make a cute coffee table.
It's very difficult sometimes to part with things, especially furniture. Even if you have bought a new dining room set or a chair just new to your set, you may find it difficult to dispose of old chairs. I packrat so I could not bring myself to get rid of things sometimes, even when they are damaged or seem useless.

Well, there is hope for us hoarders! If you have any old chair that you do not want to throw away, I have found a large collection of projects that will help you turn those otherwise useless old chair into a beautiful new furniture for your home and garden. Imagine a large birdbath or even a bathroom towel rack, made from re-purposed your seat. There are so many options for repurposing furniture!

Is your chair really broken or they are just a little weather, you can turn it into a major DIY repurposing project. Creative ideas are all so easy, too, and will change the old chairs into a useful, functional, beautiful furnishings that you would be proud to show off. Look at the collection and as always, let me know which project or projects you've tried.