13 Home Decor Map DIY Projects

One of my signature pieces an absolute favorite! This mark is amazing and perfect for some adventure and fun-loving! It is a statement of the total piece for your home! .... Customize with a quote that you choose!

It measures 16 "x24" and is hand-cut, stained and painted! Details on this beautiful part! It is made from solid pieces of pine and comes ready to hang with sawtooth hangers mounted to the rear. It is suitable for the wall and even looks great in a cabinet or desk! This is the part you can store and love forever! No vinyl at this sign that all is hand-painted!

All signs are made with quality pine, birch or oak, so the beauty of the wood show through for a more natural look. Each item will have a variety of wood grain a little different and unique individual.

If you want to adjust the color or size different from the alternatives please let me know! I would be happy to create a custom piece just for you!