15 How To Make a Sliding Door for Under $40

Do you know what kind of look you get when you go to a hardware store and tell the clerk you want to DIY sliding doors? When they were pointed in the direction of "Doors & Windows," you know it's time to take matters into your own hands.

I need a door to a room lofted over our living room, and would like sliding effect. However, because it is a temporary solution, the construction needed to be simple and easy to do. Materials come in right at the $ 35 price point (depending on the finish of accessories such as handles and the like) that makes it won in the category of styles and for your wallet! Here is how we've made:

What you need

2 pipe flanges
1 (maybe 2) pipe angle brackets
The length of the pipe
3 "loop hinged"
2 full sheets of masonite
1 bundle of 2 × 2's
2 small wheels
Assorted nails/brads
20 wood screws


nail gun or a hammer