16 Home Decor Ideas You'll Want to Pin Immediately

You step into your dorm room for the first time and you are surprised to see that it does not look anything like what you've seen on Pinterest or Instagram .... ugh, so what gives?

Decorating your dorm room needs a little more work than just buying stuff to hang on the wall.

But since most of the students are not very big budget you should get a little more crafty, so I've compiled a cheap dorm decorating tips to make your room look better than Pinterest, yup!

Follow the tips dorm room decor and you will begin to change in a short time. Plus, if you invest a little money in the beginning, three years into the future will be easier to manage: Win!

Here are some creative ways to decorate your lecture hall on a budget and make your space seem bigger and more beautiful than when you walked in for the first time ...

16 Ideas To Decorate Your Dorm Room

1. Get risers for your bed
2. Put cubbies under your bed
3. Get an area rug (or 2)
4. Get a tall vanity mirror and lean it on the floor
5. Get some plants
6. String up lights
7. Make a gallery wall
8. Put up removable wallpaper
9. Hang a Tapestry
10. Ottomans for the win
11. Play With Prints
12. Washi Tape is underrated
13. See the signs
14. Make Your Bed One Of A Kind
15. Throw Blankets
16. Oil diffusers