29 Home Decor Mistakes That Make Designers Cringe

People are afraid of a big mirror, "said Annie BRAHLER." They think, 'So in 1980 ...' But there is no reason to fear. This is great - you double the size of the room. Do you want two lights in the room, instead of one? Replacing the mirror. "

I've spilled a lot of ink on the design of fault-small space here in MyDomaine. From the terrible mistake that makes the entrance to the dining room designers cringe a little, designer faux pas would never make, small-space decorating mistakes is a topic that we will never get bored. Because-though design differences, like choosing wrong size carpet or hanging artwork too high may seem trivial-even one little step can have a surprising effect on a space, especially if it lacks square footage.

In order to find out exactly what the common mistakes small living room design to avoid, we decided to consult with experts on this issue: Mandy Cheng, an interior designer based in Los Angeles talented, which has a tendency to attract small spaces collectively equally impeccable style. Case in point: a charming, plant-filled apartment Los Feliz, which is also a rental btw, but you would never know it. Front, Homepolish designer shares five common mistakes leading a small living room that makes your room look cheap (and how to fix it).