22 Step Inside Candis Cayne’s Los Angeles Dream Home

It can be difficult to know where to begin writing about someone when you admire them so much. So I'm just going to dive in: I think the world actress and author Candis Cayne. When I moved to New York City for college, his performances are the stuff of legend among the main theater of my roommates. His name is always visible in the air and it was always mentioned with deep reverence and awe. But it was not until his appearance in I Am Cait that I should learn more about the personal and political outlook. His openness, honesty, vulnerability, and joy for life immediately made me sit up, take notice and join the legions of fans who admire him not only to work his appearance, but he's a strong and unwavering voice.

As I followed along with Candis' act and work online activism, I happened on a kitchen remodeling picture that stopped me in my tracks. Her Los Angeles home is the dream of California oasis of sunshine, perfect curved arches and tile work is amazing. So I reached out to Candis and his design team, gamble + DESIGN, and to my delight, they kindly offered to share this incredible space with us today.

What strikes me so much about Candis house 'is how the natural light, historic details, the outdoors and a lovely dog, Sampson, and Dalilah, were included. Each room was large enough to force the LA party, but also welcoming enough that it is clear that this space is taken together with love, comfort and real life in mind. Thanks to Candis for sharing your home with us today - and thank you for sharing your voice and your love life with all of us online. xo, grace