19 What It Was Like Driving My Dream Car, A Hyperblurple McLaren P1, Home

C.J Wilson is a car enthusiast, we know who always seems to have a smile on his face, a camera around his neck, and spinning gears in his heart. We had been told he "pitches" for something called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Here's the story he took a stunning McLaren. - Ed.

I've been waiting several years for P1, but prior to that as a clear definition of child McLaren F1 dream car. The whole process has been fantastic with McLaren. From my initial inquiry, booking and possession of 12C for the same process in P1 I had a chance to get everything out of the experience. Factory visits, test drive, constant emails all have a huge positive impact.

Of course, the longer you wait for something more impatient you get to the date of delivery.

My choice is to ship a car or driving home on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. So I packed my camera and took a delivery person. Park Place McLaren picked me up from the airport at Bentley Flying Spur, which just goes to show how far they are willing to go for their regular customers. Chris Blank went through all the systems and controls in the car, we went on a short test drive. He gave me all the info on how to charge the battery, extending the reach, and how to use all of 903 HP if I feel like it.

View the entire car in person for the first time it was pretty funny. The color of the paint on the MSO, unlike anything I have ever seen in other cars. When I opted out in Woking, he said returning to Frank Stephenson and he hinted it might be too mad, but the entire construction process he managed to send me an e-mail update and include tons of photos. Everyone fell in love with it; bold and unique, strange and beautiful. Frank designs showcased by way of color light bending around curves.