29 Ways To Use Branches In Your Home Decor

I love including nature in my decor, and I’m always looking for unique decorating ideas that you don’t find in every other house on the block… Enter branches! Decorating with branches is a stroke of pure genius. They have an amazing texture, are a natural sculpture, and allow us to bring the beauty of nature into our homes without getting cutesy. They work equally well in modern homes as they do in a traditional or rustic home, and sometimes they are even free! Throw in the benefit of the up-cycling element, and I think we have a winner in the decor arena! So we found you some great inspiration for branch decor, and a couple of DIY projects to boot!

This DIY branch ladder by ‘Pikidilly‘ is an easy to follow tutorial. Decorating with branches is an easy pick when the decor looks like this! You could use this ladder to display blankets, like a towel rack in a rustic bath, or just wrapped in globe lights like they have it here. Very Boho chic!
Learn to make this super easy lighted branch decor from ‘Food52‘. They used copper wired LED string lights and wrapped their branches. (They show you the tricks!) Then they used it as the perfect entertaining accent!